Sunday, 26 August 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - August 26th, 2012

And another delicious teaser for your delight. Enjoy!

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The battle of wills continues:
‘I thought you were learning to obey me, I guess I was wrong.’ 

If he thought she was going to beg him for mercy, he was wrong: she stared back defiantly.

‘Do you want me to spank you?’ he threatened, appearing increasingly frustrated by her lack of response.

Cally wasn’t about to show him she was intimidated by his threats either. If she was going to turn this around, she would have to be able to stand up to anything he could throw at her.


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Kristal x


  1. An impasse! Can't wait to see who wins. :)

  2. THAT wasn't what I expected her to say!

  3. Love the way she intends to stand up to his threats.

  4. I wonder how much of that is bravery, and how much is bravado, LOL! Very entertaining six!

  5. I have a feeling she's in for a world of hurt :) Great six!

  6. LOL, she showed him... but I'm guessing he's going to have the last word.

  7. I suspect she's going to regret that defiant, stubborn streak. ;)

  8. Love the dynamic in this, them going head to head. He definitely looks out of his element and I'm dying to know he responds. Terrific six!

  9. Love this...she's a strong character! Great six :)

  10. I wanted him to get a little more frustrated, hehe. Still, I'm wondering how he'll react. Nice six!

  11. Good for her, but he's not done pushing her, yet. Exciting stuff.