About Kristal

Kristal has lived in several different countries as far apart as Australia and Scotland (the organised part of her brain wanted a country beginning with Z really but she hasn’t lived in one, yet).

Not my library!

She loves reading books of many different genre and buys, owns and reads hundreds! She still loves paper books a lot but her e-book readers get plenty of action too.

Incidentally, Kristal started writing her own erotic romance a few years ago and really loves it. She has made loads of brilliant friends who enjoy reading and writing, that way.

Older now - no wiser

Kristal has a big dog who wants to walk far more often than she does (but he keeps her healthy) and a sleepy cat, who she is very jealous of (especially first thing in the morning when the cat wakes Kristal up an hour or two before the alarm goes off to feed it and then goes back to sleep again, leaving a sleepy Kristal to get up all alone!!).

I swear it was that big

Some pretty interesting jobs that Kristal has done in the past, include driving a four ton truck for a touring theatre company (which she crashed - but it wasn't her fault. And she's sticking to that!!) 

She also worked as an au pair for an alpine ski-ing instructor… which might become another erotic romance one day.... By the way, he taught her to ski. She was hopeless but it was fun trying though! He always made sure she had a soft landing.

Kristal is quite laid-back about life and one of her fave things is to laugh. A lot! She reckons she could have made Genghis Khan not quite such an old meanie…   
One of Kristal's (many) ambitions is to walk the entire El Camino de Santiago in one go. She has her hiking boots at the ready. If anybody wants to come with her, let her know.
Kristal lives in a farming community in the countryside and the fact that she's a strict vegetarian makes her friends think she's gone bananas. She has no idea why they don't think animals are human too.
Kristal loves meeting lots of different people and is quite friendly really. Come and find her and say hi!



  1. You can always use the comment box to leave a link so I can connect with you.

  2. Another writer of hot books with an orange and white cat - meow! Mines called Umberto - what's yours called Kristal? :-)