November 25th, 2012

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      PI Honeytrap

Unable to handle the emotional intimacy, Hayley has just abandoned gym owner, Reuben rather abruptly: 

 In a place like a gym there were plenty of women. 

Hayley got that nervy curl in her stomach again when she thought about all the gorgeous women who worked out at Reuben’s place. It would be like picking warm, ripe peaches from a tree. But that was his choice.

And leaving him standing naked in the sauna had been hers.Now she had to live with it.
Is she beginning to regret her decision already?       

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PI Honeytrap is coming soon...

Hayley doesn’t trust men. She thinks most of them are only good for one thing. And she gets plenty of that honey-trapping cheating husbands or satisfying her own needs with local gym owner, Reuben.

And woe-betide him if he even tries to get emotionally close to her. Because tough girl Hayley is running. From her past. From herself.

Will Reuben ever understand this girl? Will Hayley ever accept exactly who she is and what she needs from a man? Will she learn to trust again?

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  1. Well the visual of him standing naked in the sauna slowed me down. *wiping drool* What a tease. Great six!!

  2. Great six! I loved the reference to peaches. And the thought of her leaving Reuban naked in the sauna!

  3. She left him naked in the sauna? Wow. Great six!

  4. Something really bad must have happened to her.

  5. 'It would be like picking warm, ripe peaches from a tree' is a great sentence! I am liking this character and looking forward to reading more!

  6. What an image you left us all with!!!

  7. Lovely, jittery tension. Great six!

  8. Poor Hayley sounds like she really doubts herself, even with a naked man offering himself!