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Review: RomanceBookJunkies August 8th, 2012

I have just read a review of my erotic romance novel -

PA Exposé - posted on romance book junkies today.
My overall impression is that the reviewer (the lovely AVA) enjoyed the plot a lot!

"A definite roller coaster of emotions happening throughout the book and a shocking turn around that will have you thinking “no way! Did that just really happen?” "

and the female characters especially.

"I truly adored the characters Katherine and Cally (two women after my own heart) and the way they both took charge"

I feel that she probably found some of the BDSM episodes and the UBER dominant males somewhat too shocking for her personal tastes. 
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Admittedly, the power dynamic involved in any BDSM relationship can be a little daunting on first viewing.

"I enjoyed all of the surprises Kristal put out there for her readers. Amazingly detailed (and hot) sex scenes"

"loads of spanking, submission, binding and blush worthy moments that are not for the faint of heart." 

Having said that, she did find the hero to be HOT and SEXY!!! That's always got to be a plus, right?

"Jake Stone …sure lives up to his name!"

"He’s without a doubt a VERY dominant (and sexy) male that keeps himself focused on the task at hand like a predator going for its prey."

It confirms my believe that powerful, punchy erotic romance is not for everyone - particularly when it contains realistic BDSM themes.

"That being said I suggest those curious about aspects of BDSM or someone in the mood for a different kind of (actual) story with anything but vanilla sex should be the ones to read it."

I Have researched the BDSM lifestyle (lots of personal blogs out there people - check them out), so much of what went on in my full-length novel is pretty normal or even, dare I say it, tame (vanilla - as BDSM practitioners like to term it)!

It might shock some people, but always remember, it is CONSENSUAL play and practiced SAFELY by genuine enthusiasts.

Salvatore Vuono 
I think she loved the ending!

"You'll be very happy with the turn of events and those who deserved it received their just desserts (oh boy did they!)"

Overall Rating:

                                             Sex Rating:
Thanks for the lightening hot sex rating, Ava! It burns, oooh!

If you want to read the whole review, go over to RomanceBookJunkies via the link above.

Or better yet, why not try reading the novel for yourself? [There is a sizeable extract in a previous post below and another on the buy link websites.]

Is realistic BDSM readable for you? Or do you prefer your erotic romance more "vanilla"? I would love to know your views.

Kristal x


  1. Hi,

    Ah well, being an old hand at writing erotica (BDSM) in my youthful writing career, and having been a celebrity writer guest at a Belgium BDSM establishment (5 dungeons) I can say like any other medium of writing what is one man's meat is another's poison. The same old cliche' crops up with straight steamy romances, where people say "I skip the hot explicit bits and I hate dominant men". What? Most category romances have a dominant Alpha male, and the squeamish reader usually avoid such by going for sweet romance. So, I say don't read about dominant characters if it's not your thing... ;)


    1. Couldn't have put it better myself, Francine. Thank you for your interesting views. What made you change from erotica/erotic romance to your current historicals, I wonder?

  2. Hi K,

    But you see historical novels allow for aspects that are considered to be taboo in a contemporary erotic novel! ;)


    1. Of course! They don't call them "Bodice Rippers" for nothing. Like it!