Thursday, 26 July 2012


In celebration of the Smutlympics, I am gifting you with a peek at my new full-length novel. I've especially chosen a 'sporty' bit.
Watch out - it's HOT!!!     

PA Exposé


Aspiring journalist, Cally Hammond, believes she is undercover to expose dominating company executive, Jake Stone. However, she has been duped by her real boss, into undergoing training to become sexually submissive.
Jake is an enthusiastic master who exposes Cally to bondage, correction, and submission to his will. The shocking experience re-awakens a dormant side of Cally’s personality which Jake can’t help reacting to.
But both have a mission to fulfil. Will they succeed, and what secrets will be exposed in the process?


 Here, Jake is trying to win Cally with his sporting prowess... 

‘I think it’s time you dropped your trousers. I want to get a real, good look at what you’ve got to offer a girl.’

Jake was only too happy to oblige. His undergarments were choking him and he had nothing to be ashamed of. Belt buckles and zips were quickly dealt with and the trousers went south. A flip of his foot despatched them to the pile on the chair.

‘Neat trick, Jake.’ Cally nodded her admiration and he cocked an eyebrow and grinned, accepting her silent applause. ‘But it will take something much more special to impress me. Have you got anything else?’

Had he? You bet he had. And it couldn’t wait to escape the stranglehold it was in. Just waiting for a chance to sheathe itself in the hot, liquid velvet hidden between her legs. He wanted Cally squirming and squealing and coming apart as he eased his meat into her tightly grasping little tunnel.

‘What do you really want, Cally?’ He knew he was pushing her to decide. His voice was gruff with growing need.

‘I told you. I want you naked.’

Jake sighed. He was going to have to work for this. For her. He hooked his fingers in the elastic around his hips and shucked the boxers to the floor. His shaft sprang free and its weight appeared to defy gravity, teasing his taut belly as it twitched.

Cally eyed his appendage, looking suitably impressed. ‘The question appears to be what do you want, Jake?’

‘You know what I want, Cally. You can see the evidence for yourself.’ He couldn’t say what he really wanted until she did.

‘Stroke it, Jake,’ she murmured.

‘I’d rather you did that for me.’ Jake didn’t want to lose a great opportunity with a self-help job. Even if Cally was watching.

‘Just a few strokes, Jake. Slow and easy. You can close your eyes and pretend it’s me doing it to you, if you like.’

God, she was driving him wild. With her sexy voice and just standing there fully clothed in that black, clingy number, when she should be naked and crushed up close to his body.
Jake took his cock in his hand, watching her all the time.

Her eyes left his face and travelled down his body to his hand at work. He could swear he could feel her gaze as it floated over his skin like a whisper of breath. He ran his closed palm to the base of his cock slowly and back to the tip again. This was insane. The sensation was driving him crazy. It should be Cally’s pussy stroking his shaft, not his own horny hand.

‘Cally, please. I want you.’

His words made her smile. Smugly. The hot little bitch knew exactly what she was doing to him. He took a step toward her.

‘Stop right where you are, Jake Stone,’ she ordered. ‘One more step and I’m out of here, for good.’

He believed her. He knew she had to be sure she could control him. After everything he’d done to her, this was payback. And she was mistress of it. How could he ever have questioned her ability to work alongside him? She would take his business to a new level. An explosive one.

Jake wanted her willing to let him make love to her. It had to be her decision now. He couldn’t take much more of this. Not with Cally. It was like his first day training her. He had never had to bring himself to orgasm so often, so soon, with any other woman he had worked with. It was as if his body instinctively knew what his mind was only just catching up on. He wanted Cally. He needed her. He might as well admit it. He loved her.

‘Whatever you want from me, Cally, I’ll give it to you.’

‘What have you got?’ She looked down at his glory as if it was pathetic. As if he was pathetic.

Jake’s cock was like a dog sitting up, begging for a biscuit. He released it in disgust for its sorry desperation. He’d show her.

Jake strode over to the restraint frame. He could see her eyes following his taut buttocks and thigh muscles as he walked. Now he’d put his trained muscles to good use in her service.

He reached up to the high top cross bar, grasping it in his hands. In one easy movement, he swung up, to chin the bar easily half a dozen times. She looked impressed but he hadn’t even begun yet. He swung his legs up and through, wrapping his bent knees across the bar, before letting go of his hand grip. There he swung, upside down like a vampire bat. He crossed his arms over his chest and used his taut stomach muscles to do a series of sit-ups.

He could tell she liked the demonstration of his power, his fitness. All for her. But wait until she got the finale.

She couldn’t. ‘Very impressive, I’m sure.’ Cally made herself sound bored, like she’d seen it all before a million times, but she couldn’t fool him. Jake knew when a woman liked what she was getting.

‘Come over here,’ Jake told her.

‘Why would I want to do that?’ She was intrigued. ‘Just come, would you?’ he encouraged. ‘You’ll like it, I promise.’

Cally pushed herself off from the wall and padded across to where Jake was hanging.

‘Closer,’ he encouraged.

When she got within his reach, Jake put out his hands and held her gently at the hips. He pulled her easily toward his upside-down face. Slowly he crept the length of her skirts through his fingers, up past her ankles and calves, up over her knees and thighs until it bunched together past her hips and around her waist.

Cally gasped but made no attempt to pull away, which pleased Jake as he wasn’t restraining her at all. His blood thundered in his ears, his heart hammered in his chest. He gripped the elastic edge of Cally’s silky panties in his teeth and tugged downward, freeing them from their comfortably close fit around her body. He heard her intake of breath.

Jake released the dress and it flowed around them, hiding his furtive infiltration from the outside world. His fingers tugged her panties down, exposing her mound to his mouth. He kissed it softly and nibbled at her skin, then he slid his hands around behind her to clasp her rounded buttocks and press her body closer to his face. Jake’s tongue delved along her pussy slit, pressing more insistently between the fleshy edges with each sweep. The first touch of his tongue to her clit was barely a whisper, shivering up the length of her spine. He deepened each penetration by degrees, feeling Cally widening her stance and tilting her hips to give him permission to access her hidden sex.

His tongue was as muscularly developed as the rest of his body and he used it effectively. Long, slow sweeps from her clit to the entrance to her vagina made her stagger slightly. She undulated to direct his tongue more toward her swollen clitoris. Her juices were flowing and the bitter slickness melded with Jake’s saliva, enabling the tip of his tongue to glide and flow in liquid precision around and over her nerve endings. He lapped at her clit like a cat at a saucer of cream, flicking until Cally moaned out her encouragement.

‘Take off your dress, Cally. Let me play with your nipples,’ Jake whispered, barely stopping for breath.

Cally twisted it over her head and shucked off her panties to stand before an upside-down Jake, naked and erotically charged.


  1. What a fab position, I love it! Thanks for joining in the smutlympics!

    1. My pleasure, Victoria. I never could resist a bit of one-on-one sporty fun!

  2. Um, I don't really know what to say to that other than I loved that excerpt! Jake gets an A++ for his "sporty bit"! That would take a lot of stamina to maintain his position which is a good thing for Cally. Of course shes in a good position to help him out. I hope he doesn't get too light headed hanging upside down like that. It could end up being embarassing. I'll have to get this book to find out how they finished this!


    1. Thanks, Susan W. Stamina is something Jake isn't lacking - if you get my drift... What a lovely compliment, too. Mmwaahh x

  3. Speed stripping SHOULD be an Olympic event, with points for style. I'd watch!


    1. I'm right there in the audience with you, Anonymous. And I've brought my camera - well we've got to record 'it' for posterity!!! Know what I mean?? Thanks for commenting kristal x

  4. You warn us it was a HOT excerpt and it was EXTRA HOT. Now I am hanging upside down wanting to read the rest of the book. You teased me just enough there. ha ha Agree with Anonymous..speed stripping should be an added event. ha ha sue L

    1. Well Susan, if you're gonna have HOT, you might as well have EXTRA HOT - that goes for mints, curries and EVERYTHING!! I'd love to see the speed stripping qualifying heats. Hope you get to read the whole thing. Oh boy! See you there, kristal x

  5. The smutlympics should be an actual event, this gives me great ideas for men's gymnastics. Instead of the parallel bars they could do the cunnilingus bars. They would of course have to return to the ancient Greek tradition, participating nude, so no tacky uniforms. Points would be awarded for style and technique, number of orgasms given to the woman, Orgasms with use of hand and orgasms with out hands, maintaining an erection throughout participation, and the ability to remain upside down throughout. I know I would watch the smutlympics and I bet it would be a ratings boost.

    1. Phew, now you've gone and got me all hot and bothered, Carin. Personally, I think that is MUCH closer to what the Greekideal intended - to show the body beautiful and its strength and ability. The gymnasia would be packed solid (with hot women!). Love it. kristal x

  6. Wow! that was one hot excerpt and a great position. Must find myself a sportsman, otherwise wouldn't be able to do the feat. Neat, though. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

    1. I think every woman should be given a fit sportsman on her birthday, to help her celebrate in style! I'm picturing mine right now - swoon. Thank you, Tamsyn for coming over and sharing Jake with me. I'm always happy to share with my friends. kristal x